Benchmark Testing for Athletic Excellence

Benchmark Testing is a cornerstone of our evidence-based approach to athletic excellence. Guided by our expert APD Team, we offer specialized tests that provide actionable insights into your athletic performance and well-being. Consultations with APD Team members are included with every test, ensuring you have the guidance you need to act on the results.

Five Key Tests for Focused Athletic Development

Each of our five Benchmark Tests provides critical insights into different aspects of your athletic performance—MIND, BODY, and FUEL. Together, these tests form a focused roadmap for your athletic development. With the added benefit of expert consultations from our APD Team, you’ll have the data and guidance to excel in your sport.


Behavior Profile

Our Behavior Profile not only helps you understand your mental and emotional make-up but also how you can best interact with teammates and coaches. You’ll gain actionable strategies to boost self-awareness, cultivate effective communication, and achieve team cohesion. This service provides a multi-dimensional approach to mental performance, underlining areas for personal growth and competitive advantage


Genetic Injury Predisposition

Navigate your athletic journey with confidence by understanding your genetic susceptibility to injuries. This specialized test identifies genetic markers associated with common athletic injuries, allowing for individualized training adjustments and targeted preventative interventions. It’s not just about identifying risks—it’s about providing you the knowledge to extend your athletic career.


Nutrition Biomarkers

No more one-size-fits-all nutrition plans. Our nutrition biomarker test analyzes 30 vital biomarkers to guide a tailored nutrition and training strategy for you. It provides valuable data on your endurance, performance, recovery, and strength metrics, serving as a blueprint for personalized nutritional guidance and performance optimization.

Food Sensitivity

While you focus on performance, we focus on how your body responds to what fuels it. Our food sensitivity test, featuring an 87 general food panel, can detect delayed hypersensitivity immune responses to specific foods. Understanding these sensitivities can help in the refinement of your nutrition plan and may improve performance metrics like endurance, recovery, and strength.

Nutrition Genetics

With our nutrigenomics test, your nutrition plan becomes more than just a diet—it becomes a science-based, customized program tailored to your genetic makeup. Learn how your genes can affect your performance and dietary needs, including how you react to specific nutrients and what deficiencies you’re predisposed to. This personalized approach complements your training regimen, enabling a proactive stance toward health and performance.

Choose your tests, Elevate your game

Our Benchmark Testing offers actionable insights designed to elevate your game. Visit our Packages page to explore the right blend of tests and consultations that will set the foundation for your athletic success.