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Athletic Performance and Development Teams, also known as a Medical and Training Staff, are an integral part of the success of collegiate and professional teams.  For instance, the San Diego Padres has five Physicians, three Athletic Trainers, two Strength & Conditioning coaches, two Massage Therapists, one Sports Mental Consultant, a Registered Dietician, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy to name a few.   This comprehensive whole-athlete care is pivotal to optimizing performance and keep the athletes healthy for the 162 games each MLB season.   

This medical model is now trinkling down to the Division 1 levels.  At the University of California San Diego (UCSD), their scholar athletes have an entire support staff like the Padres that they call the “Athletic Performance Unit.”  Scholar-Athletes are supported by experts in Sports Science, Rehab Science, Athletic Training, Athletic Performance, Sport Psychology, Triton Mind, Sports Nutrition, and their specific sport coach.  

Prior to college, competitive club and youth athletes endured intense training, tryouts and competitions to try to grab the attention of all-star leagues or college recruiters.  Participating in sports is already physically and mentally exhausting. When combined with the pressures of school, homework and social activities, stress is likely to become more difficult to manage.   So what makes these players need medical support any less that the college and professional levels?  If parents do want to seek help for their child’s mental, nutritional, or athletic performance, it typically requires travel to multiple medical offices and negotiating with medical insurance.   

Ludis Athletics eliminates the need to find multiple coaches and consultants.  Our Athletic Performance Department consists of a Certified Mental Consultant, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Registered Dietician.  Our team has experience with working with athletes from youth, club, collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels.  Want to learn more?

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