Mental Performance


Do you know your strengths and weaknesses, as well as motivators?


Do you have a deep understanding of what drives you to succeed?


Do you know how to effectively communicate with your teammates and coaches?

Team Lead : Brian Alexander

MA, CMPC (Certified Mental Performance Consultant)

Brian has consulted and supported every level of sport, from Olympians to youth, and professional performance in the business and medical professions.

Most recently, Brian attended the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as the mental skills coach for the USA Men’s water polo team. Brian also serves as the Director of Performance Mind for University of California San Diego athletics.

He has been an approved mentor through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, guiding a number of high-level mental performance consultants toward their certification hours. Brian has also served as an adjunct professor teaching Counseling Skills, Diversity in Sport, and the History of Sport and Sport Psychology.

Brian has co-authored book chapters in the texts titled:

  • Excelling in Sport Psychology: Planning, Preparing & Executing Applied Work
  • Building Consulting Skills: An International Case Study Collection.


  • Bachelor in Psychology – University of California Santa Barbara
  • Master’s in Sport Psychology – John F. Kennedy University
  • CMPC status – Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Work with a CMPC

Sessions with a Certified Mental Performance Consultant to improve your self-awareness, enhance your communication, increase your confidence, and reduce your stress

Benchmark Testing

Determine your individual behaviors

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What are your motivations and triggers?

Determine areas for improvement

Do you need to improve your technique, strategy, or mental toughness?

Develop a targeted training plan to improve your performance

Determine your communication style

Learn to communicate with your coaches and teammates more productively

Understanding how to work with your teammate’s strengths and weaknesses

Create strategies to work together to be more effective athletes

Create a plan to reduce stress

Understand your triggers and how to manage them

Learn how to implement your plan while in high pressure situations

We are here to support and encouragement athletes that are ready to take it to the next level