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  • Team Sports Nutrition to Gain a Competitive Edge
    As a team, everyone strives together to reach a common goal: achieving the best performance possible.  While training and practice lay the foundation, proper sports nutrition stands as an equally vital pillar for success. By fueling correctly, athletes can experience heightened energy levels, swift recovery, … Read more
  • Vital Role of Physical Therapists For a Sports Team
    In the high-intensity, fast-paced realm of sports, injuries are unfortunately all too common.  Athletes frequently push their bodies to the brink, undergoing rigorous training and competition, thereby heightening the risk of injuries. Physical therapists, as a result, play a vital role within sports teams, ensuring … Read more
  • Understand 4 Key Athlete and Coach Behaviors
    As a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, I often assist athletes and coaches when they face challenges in aligning their communication or defining their roles. My role in these scenarios is to guide them towards recognizing and understanding the behaviors that shape their interactions. Since sports … Read more
  • 3 Mindset Factors to Overcome Fear of Failure in Sports
    Perception and Resilience in Sports The way we interpret the impact of events on our current and future performance significantly affects how well we handle challenges. Our perception of reality plays a crucial role in determining our response when faced with different circumstances in sports … Read more
  • Basketball Nutrition – Fuel Your Body for Optimal Performance
    Basketball Nutrition Basketball is a physically demanding sport that requires a tremendous amount of energy. Players must be able to run, jump, and shoot for extended periods, and they need the strength and power to compete at a high level. Proper nutrition is essential for … Read more
  • Basketball Plyometrics
    Two players face each other crouching down in the center of the court. The referee tosses the ball up in the air. As the ball begins to fly, so do the players, producing enough power to reach over 40 inches. One player snags the ball … Read more
  • Building Stamina and Endurance in Soccer with Sports Nutrition
    In soccer, both stamina and endurance are crucial for a player’s success on the field. With the right approach to sports nutrition, players can significantly boost these key attributes. Stamina vs Endurance Stamina in soccer refers to the ability to exert maximum force in short, … Read more
  • Fueling for Performance – Athlete Hydration and Nutrition
    Proper fueling for performance is crucial when it comes to athletes and their training. Athlete hydration and nutrition play pivotal roles in optimizing physical capabilities. Just as you wouldn’t drive a car on an empty tank, it’s imperative to provide your body with the right … Read more
  • Ludis Athletics – Professional Level Athletic Care
    Athletic Performance and Development Teams, also known as a Medical and Training Staff, are an integral part of the success of collegiate and professional teams.  For instance, the San Diego Padres has five Physicians, three Athletic Trainers, two Strength & Conditioning coaches, two Massage Therapists, … Read more
  • Understanding Your Genetics to Improve Sports Performance
    What if you knew that you metabolized vitamin D slower than your teammate or needed to spend more time focusing on recovery after heavy training? Having more knowledge about your body could improve your performance, recovery, and ultimately help you achieve your greatest athletic potential. … Read more
  • Student Athletes and Mental Health
    Student athletes are living in a world where stressors and modern-day adversities have become much more prevalent and overwhelming. We can no longer overlook the importance of balancing self-care with sport pressure. Mental skills such as breathing, performance-enhancing self-talk, imagery/visualization, and journaling practices need to … Read more
  • Bridging The Gap Between Professional And Youth Athletes
    A fully-staffed NBA pro team has 17 athletes. But did you know that another 25 people travel with them to an away game? This includes coaches, trainers, dietitians, therapists, managers, and medical staff who provide necessary support to reduce injury and optimize their performance before, … Read more